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Lil bit bout me, won't bor u 2 much!

This is bout me, not tht u need 2 know bout me if u already know me, if tht makes sense!

Rite here goes: I'm 15, 16 in July, I go 2 Cowplain Community skool, I like drawing stuff, chattin wiv frends, playin on the PC, and other random stuff tht if I listed I would be here all day! Me close mates r: Chev, George, Kat, Miche, Gibbs, Lea, K-T and others u know who u r so i aint gonna list u all!!!!!!!!

Yes thts me!

Favorite Stuff

Just a quik list of sum favourite stuff:

Favorite TV Show: The Simpsons
Favorite Movie: Don't really have 1 i like loads!
Favorite Music: Loadsa dif. stuff but i do like Simple Plan!
Favorite Book: Ha! dont b stupid i dont read!
Favorite Sports Team: I dont bloody know!
Favorite Food: Now thts a hard 1! I love all food but its got 2 b gd old chocolate!

This site was made coz i was very bored! Enjoy!