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New Page Title
Just a page so me and u guys can send a shoutout 2 sum1 u know!

I don't exactly know how 2 let u guys send a shoutout so if u wanna say hi 2 ne1 thn send me an email of who u wanna giv a shoutout 2 and wot u wanna say thn who u r and I'll add it 4 u wen ever i update the site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gibbs (mate!!!!!)
Hey Ur the one of the 1st 2 c the site so u deserve a shout out!!!!!!! And I'm bored so!!!!!!!!!!
Uncle Ray! xxx


Hope u like the pic George, me thought it was cute!!!!
Luv Crumpy!!!! xxx



A big fanx 2 Alex Mckenzie 4 helpin wiv da music!!! ur a legend!!!!!!!!
Fanq agen!!!!!!!


This site was made coz i was very bored! Enjoy!